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Superbowls . . . and Life







Well, Superbowl forty-nine is now in the history-books, and while it didn’t turn out exactly as I would have liked, I have to admit that it was perhaps the most exciting Superbowl ever played.

And I’m old enough to have seen most of them, including the first one.

Hard to believe that anything could have topped underdog Joe Namath taking apart the Baltimore Colts back in 1969, but this one did.

Old Broadway Joe talked a lot of trash leading up to that game, but in the end, he pulled it off.

Sometimes a loud-mouth is just as good as his brag.

And sometimes Karma is standing just off the sidelines–right about at the goal-post.

Karma is a funny thing (at least when it happens to someone else) but after the way the Seahawks beat the Packers for the NFC title, you just sort of knew it was going to get them sooner or later.

Later came in the form of the last two minutes of the game and the two yard line–and a play that would have been called gutsy and brillant if it had worked. But since it didn’t, it’s now being labeled just plain dumb.

Maybe one of the dumbest in NFL history.

Karma won in the end–she generally does.

Be that as it may, it sure was a fun game. And congrats are in order for both teams for literally playing their hearts out.

Someone wins–someone loses . . . that’s football. And there’s always next year.

I was privileged to be able to watch the entire game in the company of two people I love–my wife and grandson. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

My wife is not exactly a rabid fan of football, or of sports in general either, but Brandon and I are working on her and are making progress.

There’s an old saying, that “It isn’t whether you win or lose–it’s how you play the game.” Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s also one that happens to be true. The players showed that on Superbowl Sunday, with two quarterbacks–one young, and one not so much, playing for fame and glory–but more to the point–the right to be called the best at what they do.

There is of course a lesson in life in all of that, and I was happy to have the grandkid by my side to see it.

Class shows. And being a winner–even in a tough loss. Brandon’s played some football himself. He knows.

Two great teams played each other to a standstill–and it was kind of nice for once to see the right side win.

That is . . . the fans, and the game of football itself.

After two tough weeks leading up to the annual spectacle, it was good to see it all sorted out, exactly where it should be– down on the field.

Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, we’ll see you both next year–and I’m guessing–for many more seasons to come.


Richard Sherman and Tom Brady make like true Sportsmen.
Richard Sherman and Tom Brady make like true Sportsmen.


Dumb joke of the day: How many Seahawks does it take to change a light-bulb?  Answer:  None. They seem to be happy in the Patriots shadow.

Sorry about that Pete.