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Let All The Evil In The World Try To Defeat This . . .

On June 6, 1944, the greatest military force the world has ever seen hit the beaches of Normandy, France.

Its mission was no small one–simply to save the Earth, from the greatest evil ever conjured by Satan himself–the Third Reich and the German Nazis.

We won the battle of course, and ultimately, the war. Good always prevails over evil in the end. But the human cost of such victories are staggering.

And so it ever shall be.

When conflicts end, the dogs of war are recalled to home. Gods and Generals are not much needed in times of peace, and how soon we all forget.

But evil never stays away for long.

Hitler died, right along with his “thousand-year” Reich. But he didn’t go away. Evil never does. It only changes form. And so it is with the evil that was the Nazis.

They are back.

This time they wear a different face, have another demonic creed, and perhaps even a different religion. But make no mistake, at the core–it’s all just exactly the same.

Storm clouds are gathering once again on the horizon of history.

Mordor is gaining strength.

The men and women of the greatest generation are gone today. Gone to cemeteries the world over. Some lie in battlefield graveyards scattered to the ends of the earth. The broken and shattered bones of young men, killed in countless conflicts the world over, in defense of freedom and civilized values.

Others, at home, the bones of tired old men, the veterans of battles nearly beyond number.

But they are gone–and who will take their place?

Who will save us from this new evil.

For the longest time, I believed we were doomed. That they would be no one to pick up the banner of freedom and battle the oncoming relentless hordes of Orcs and Death-Eaters.

I thought all the heroes were dead.

And then I found this video.

I was amazed–and heartened. If there was  just one eleven-year old boy that cared enough, that retained some of the values of that bygone era and generation . . .

That remembered the old things.

And the old ways.

Then perhaps there were more. Perhaps they were not all gone. Maybe, just maybe, there were still heroes in the world. Perhaps freedom and decency still stood a chance.

Perhaps Gondor would not, and will not, fall after all.

Watch the video. Listen to the moving Hymn to the Fallen. Remember those dear and true hearts from the past that brought us all through hell–and saved us from damnation.

And ponder the dear hearts still to come. The ones that have, and will commit their lives to service to their Country. The ones that freely bleed, and freely die to keep us safe, free, and the world from once again falling into the gathering darkness.

Remember our Veterans this weekend.

And remember the ones that serve each and every day.

They gave us, and they give us–no less than the air that we breath.

The air of Freedom–and of Free men and Free women.

And one eleven-year old boy, on a beach, with a flag, and a salute, facing a world going insane–again.

Facing evil.

And all the evil in the world . . . Well, it just doesn’t stand a chance.


Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Catch you again in a few days.