Standing up . . . and Making a Difference

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It’s True. We are more important than we know. And between us, I think we can really make a difference in the world today.

I am asking my readers to join me in a fight for the soul of the World. For our freedoms, and indeed for our very lives.

There are risks, and there are dangers in standing up and being counted.

There are more in doing–or saying–nothing at all.

I would like to start this rant off right at the outset by saying that there are all kinds of things on the Internet and all sorts of so-called “Entertainment” that I absolutely abhor. One of the rules here at Apropos of Nothing, is that we don’t call people names, don’t diminish religions or groups, don’t tear them down and don’t engage in crude and rude behavior or language.

We want this to be an all-inclusive website and blog, and welcome Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Non-believers , and any or all others of whatever stripe or religious or political affiliation.

After the tragic terror attack this week on the offices and staff of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, I took the time to check out the contents of this weekly satirical magazine.

Frankly speaking–I was appalled by what I found. I want to be right up-front here and state for the record that I don’t and never have, enjoyed Mad Magazine either. And it’s pretty mild by comparison.

If you happen to have a strong stomach and are a brute for punishment, I suggest you take a look yourselves. Photos of most of the most offensive stuff that has appeared on Charlie will be found on Google Images.

It’s not my cup of tea, thank you very much, but that said–it is for many, many folks. It is my understanding that the French really enjoy that sort of humor a lot, and elevate crude satire to the same level as some of the more internationally accepted literary works.

Fine for them.

And fine for the people–the writer and cartoonists that create them. After all, if you find something offensive, all you have to do is not look at it. Don’t turn on the TV, don’t go to that movie, don’t read that particular book, and so on.

There really isn’t any need to kill the people that created it. Hard for me to believe that any God would condone such behavior.


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At any rate, it happens all the time, and it’s happened again, just this week, in a particularly bloody and gruesome fashion.

It is my contention that the free people of the world need to unite as one, and condemn those who would destroy our freedom to read, watch and whatever–we  choose.

In other words–give the madmen a lot of targets to shoot at.

If we do not use that voice, we will surely lose it. Beheaded people make no statements, political or otherwise.

I would ask all of the readers of Apropos of Nothing to join together in solidarity for the people of France–and for the peoples and citizens of The Free World.

Please, keep them–and us in your thoughts and prayers this day. And ask God to help us find our way through this darkening gloom that is the twenty-first century so far. I am afraid for our future.

May there be better days ahead.

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Thanks for reading.

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