Season’s Greetings . . . and Merry Christmas too!



We are a Christian website here at Apropos of Nothing. However, we are not fanatics about it, and we love all our readers equally, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, or just plain old-fashioned non-believer.

So, to all . . . Season’s Greeting . . . and Merry Christmas too!

May Peace be upon you and yours at this sacred time of year.

As the Caplin family gathers together this Christmas day around the tree, we are surrounded by family, mostly in the form of four dear grandchildren, the flotsam and jetsam of a broken and shattered family, courtesy of a bitter divorce.

Not a rare story at any time of the year. The kids, it seems these days, are hardly ever a priority when mom and dad come unraveled.

Ours in a home in microcosm–the same tragedy repeated over and over countless times in a world that seems to have forgotten the old ways.

It shows–as we turn on our television to watch, or pick up the daily newspaper to read, of the latest atrocity of the day, occurring somewhere on the planet in brutal and bloody “splendor.”

But enough of the sad and bad stuff. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

Let death, and pain, and darkness and sorrow take a day off.

Let there be a day of light.



Here is hoping that each of you have a wonderful Christmas Day and New Year, surrounded, like us, by those you love.

Good food, good friends, good family . . . and joy–in extra large measure.

Remembering the wonderful days of Christmas past, and people gone on before, and appreciating the present–and those in our lives at this moment.

God-bless you all–from the bottom of my heart.

See you again right after Christmas. After all–it’s a new year coming up. And in the immortal words of Bilbo Baggins–I think I’m quite ready for another adventure!”

Peace my friends–this Christmas Day . . . and always.


Aunty Acid