Matt James Schutt
Matt James Schutt
Matt and Cassie Schutt
Matt and Cassie Schutt

In the modern day world, sometimes it seems that quality has pretty much gone by the wayside. If a person has been dragging his or her shadow around this planet for more than just a few years, it probably seems even more so. The people, places, and things of the world just aren’t what they used to be—or so it seems, at least.

Especially the people.

Pretty much gone are the days when you could take a man at his word, do business on a handshake, or look another person straight in the eye and know, with 100% certainly, that he or she was telling you the absolute truth.

Yep—folks like that are getting pretty few and far between these days.

And then there’s Matt Schutt. A guy that still has integrity. Integrity is defined as a steadfast adherence to a moral or ethical code. Soundness. Completeness.

That’s what he has. A man that says what he means, and means what he says. A guy that would walk a mile to help another human being simply because it’s the right thing to do. And he has—many times. In a world of rusty old Volkswagens, Matt is a limo. In a world of Snoop Dog and the Biebs, Mr. Schutt is Sinatra.

You get the idea. At the ripe old age of twenty-six, Mr. Schutt is something of a dinosaur—nearly an extinct species.

And he needs some help. From us.

Matt’s in flight school. It costs a fortune in gas money to learn to fly planes these days, and after tuition and all the other costs associated with his program, he and his lovely wife Cassie are struggling to make ends meet and keep him in school.


Matt - flying


I would like the readers of my blog and visitors to my website to join with me and give this good man a boost. Not a hand out, but a hand up—just the same as he has been giving others for all of his young life.

From now and until Matt is finished in flight-school, I will be donating 100% of the royalties from my three published Johnny O’Brien mysteries in THE WATCHMAKER series, by Lee Capp to the Matt Schutt fund. I am inviting and asking my readers to purchase one or the other, or both of these fun books for just $.99 each at the Kindle store. They are also available in paper. Links are provided below. When you do, ALL of the royalties from the sale go directly into the school fund for Matt, and will be used for no other purpose.

Both Books are also available at for you NOOK readers, and at as well.

I would also ask each reader to return to the Kindle store (or wherever you purchased) after you have read the novel(s) and leave an honest review to help grow the sales of these books and increase the amount of money we can raise for this fine young man.

Matt Schutt, as most of you know, is the real-life inspiration for the fictional watchmaker character in both of the stories, TIME ENOUGH TO DIE, and ELLIOTT BAY. He’s a hero in everyday life as well.

If you haven’t already, I would also invite each of you to send a friend request to me at Facebook. You will find me there as Larry Lee Caplin (Lee Capp). Just private message me your email and I will also send you a free copy of DEATH AT THE SUPERMARKET, a non-fiction book I wrote last summer—simply as a thank you. It’s a great little book, and it can actually save your life.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for reading and for contributing to the cause. If anyone would prefer to simply leave a small cash donation to the cause without buying books, I am including a link to Matt’s GO FUND ME account.

THANKS AGAIN!!! You guys are the best!



AVGas for Matt’s Pilot Schooling


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