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Universal Warrior is the story of the battle between Heaven and Hell, which starts at the beginning of creation and culminates in Armageddon. The battles are fought on two fronts, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

For lovers of epic fantasy, here is a great read indeed. A nice first effort and definitely an author to keep an eye on. Good Work Mr. Tingle.

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The Anniversary

When I started reading this short novel, I was pretty sure it was going to rate a three or four star review, because I was thought I knew exactly where it was going, set as it is in the not-too-distant future. The fact that it is set in the future and that cloning is now readily available, gives the story more dimension, rather that less, as I expected. And then Mr. Tingle fooled me completely, and earned the fifth star.  A great story and a fast read on the subjects of love, loyalty, and most of all . . . loss. More to the point perhaps, it’s about coping with loss–a subject we have all faced or surely will before our lives here on Earth are over. And it poses that one certain question. You know the one–the one that we ask in the middle of many sleepless nights after personal loss. That is–“What if?” Does Mr. Tingle have the answer? I dunno–but he sure as hell makes me think–and I can’t come up with any attribute of greater importance in either an author of serious fiction, or his work. I loved it–simple as that. And I’m going to read it again.



Jason Mott
Jason Mott





Romance Novelist Felix Alexander
Romance Novelist Felix Alexander

The romantic




The Romantic is a love story about friendship, passion, and the echo of unrequited love. When the Angel of Death comes for Hadriel Alighieri, the journey begins. He has harbored a secret in his heart for decades, only to be haunted in the winter of his life by the memory of Sophia Paula. From his deathbed, he travels to the day he fell in love. He retraces the steps of his life in search of his unrequited love. But what begins as a journey to fulfill a promise turns into a discovery of the only emotion that defines our lives.




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