From the Brier Patch: Guns in America . . .

Brier Patch


FROM THE BRIER PATCH: Guns in   America . . .


Today on Apropos of Nothing, I am beginning a new feature, and I’m going to call it, “From the Brier Patch,” a play on words, so to speak. The name, I admit, was the idea of my dear wife. I stole it from her—and I shamelessly admit it.

Thanks honey, for a great title.

At long last, after more than eight years in Bellevue, Washington, we have moved. Making us, I suppose, refugees from the land of Microsoft. The changes that we observed in that formerly tiny hamlet have been incredible and profound, and none much for the better. In eight years, the traffic and parking went from merely difficult, to completely unmanageable. And prices through the roof. We lived in a tiny apartment, with a cost of nearly four dollars per foot, per month. We didn’t get much for our money either.

Now we have gone north, although not terribly far. To a little community called Brier. Brier was a former logging town in Washington State’s distant past. It’s about twenty miles from where we were, but in a lot of other ways, it’s like a move to another country. Cool, green, urbane, while at the same time—laid-back country rustic. We like it, and it fits the lifestyle and tastes of us two old folks. It feels a lot like the places we grew up in.

It feels like home.

The traffic, although still challenging, has improved a lot for the better. And the price? Nearly three times the space, and at a cost of under a dollar a square foot. For the first time in a long time, Apropos of Nothing has its own dedicated office space. And let me tell you, that’s a real pleasure too. This is a good place to write. Quiet. Most of what noise there is, comes from the wind in the pines just outside the window. It feels like a place where Johnny O’Brien and the gang can grow and prosper. It feels like a place where Johnny’s creator can as well.

Writing is fun again.

I hope that will come across in the reading of it as well.




From the Brier Patch is going to be a lot of opinion. And an occasional rant as well. Every once in a while I need to get something off my chest, and this is my time and place to do it. But I don’t want to preach. Or at least I don’t want my preaching to be all one way. There is always a place for comments at the end of the blog. I invite my readers to leave some. Nothing beats a good dialogue and conversation in my book.

Let’s get some two-way going. Let’s pretend we’re leaning on a good old-fashioned white picket fence out in the adjoining back-yards. Let’s be neighbors. And let’s be friends.

Let us call this our virtual neighborhood.

Tonight the subject is guns—and where their place is, if any, in a modern America. Do their presence make us more safe?—or less? How you do feel about the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution? How do you feel about the right to keep and bear arms? Do you have kids still in school? How does that make you feel?—in this very dangerous day and age.

I’d like to get a reasoned and civil dialogue going on this subject. I’d like to find out what’s on the minds of my readers. And I’d like to roll-up the results of this most informal poll and report back on it in a few days or a week or so.

So I throw the subject out there for debate. There is no correct or incorrect point of view here. Only what we feel—in our hearts. Please be honest. You can leave your comments at the end of this article, or go to Facebook (where I have a fairly large presence) and comment there. Please, by all means, feel free to send me a friend request. I respond to all of them, and enjoy the company and opinions of all my Facebook friends.

I can be found on Facebook as: Larry Lee Caplin (Lee Capp). You can’t miss my profile picture—it’s a minion.

Thanks so much for reading this initial post on From the Brier Patch.

Talk you all again in a few days or a week.

Until then, take care. And have a wonderful weekend.


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2 thoughts on “From the Brier Patch: Guns in America . . .”

  1. The subject on guns is always a troublesome topic, but not because of the gun. Its our right as Americans to carry and i have no problem with that, hey most of my family does. We do not need to do away with guns, we need a system that would work to pick out people that will do more harm then good.

    1. Thanks. I’m with you on that one. I would like to see some common-sense (and constitutionally legit) means of getting some of the guns out of the hands of crazies. At the same time, I think the government needs to simplify the process of good people being able to carry. Between those two things, I think, lie the only real path to limiting the violence. It has become an American staple now, and sadly, I don’t think it’s going away soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

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