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Larry Lee Caplin (Lee Capp)
Larry Lee Caplin (Lee Capp)


Larry Lee Caplin (Lee Capp) was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1949, back when the Motor City was the crown jewel of the Midwest, and center of the manufacturing might of America.

Raised on motors and Motown and brought up in a tiny suburb called Walled Lake, he had a very mis-spent youth focused on rock and roll music, amusement parks, good friends (some of which were even girls) movies, golden-age television shows and fortunately lots of really good books. Personal favorites among them were the popular anthologies of Alfred Hitchcock and Dorothy Sayers, and the crime novels of Ellery Queen and Mickey Spillane.

In addition to being a life-long writer of what he calls “Unsold and unsellable dumb, stupid stuff,” Capp has worked in many fields during his long career, including a short but very interesting stint as an apprentice embalmer in a Tucson, Arizona funeral home and a fish monger in Seattle, Washington. The fish selling, he has said, was equivalent to an advanced college degree in the study of human nature.

Larry Lee Caplin is the author of three books written under the name of Lee Capp. The first is;  Time Enough To Die: The Watchmaker – Book One, and;  Elliot Bay: The WatchmakerBook Two.  lastly: The Reckoning: The Watchmaker – Book Three. These are a trilogy, and center on a unique partnership between a middle-aged private-detective named Johnny O’Brien and a young time-traveling watchmaker named Matt McCabe. Oh yeah, there’s also a grouchy old police chief named Howard Carter and a beautiful young officer named Linh Zhou. McCabe and her are an item.

Johnny O’Brien is a compilation of Capp himself, who descends from Irish, Scottish and English farmers, fishermen, and lumberjack immigrants, and he says, a number of other (verbally at least) bad-asses friends of his youth. Capp says that “If we all were even a tenth as tough as we thought we were, we could have ruled the world.”

Larry (and Lee) and his wife Bea (he rhymed), retired at last from the workaday world, now reside among the pines, ponds and streams outside Seattle, Washington, where he continues to see just how much trouble he can get Johnny O’Brien and Matt McCabe into the next time around.

Welcome to the world of Larry Lee Caplin, Lee Capp, Johnny O’Brien, Linh Zhou, Howard Carter, and Matt McCabe. A world of time travel, serial killers, car chases, fist-fights and gun-fights, and much more.

Here’s hoping that you find this world to be, as the author himself does . . . a heck of a lot of fun.





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